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Dambar Shahu


Dambar Shahu is originally from the Salyan District of Karnali Province, Nepal. He holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Public Relations and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in cross-border communication and media collaboration in PAN Himalaya. With over 24 years of diverse working experience, Dambar has excelled in various fields such as mass media, communication, corporate and event management, and conflict resolution.

Throughout his career, Dambar has successfully organized and managed 18 international trade exhibitions, 13 national and international conferences, business events, award shows, and corporate events. He has worked with renowned international development agencies and both social and private sectors. Notably, he served as the CEO of Mountain Television, a prominent national-level news channel. Additionally, Dambar has made significant contributions by establishing a national media academy and the Nepal Television Academy.

Professional Experience in Detail:

1) Three years of professional journalism experience.
2) Five years of operation and management of a television news channel.
3) Successfully established and managed multiple media houses for four years.
4) Organized over two dozen national and international business/trade conferences and exhibitions.
5) A dedicated social and media campaigner.
6) National Coordinator for an Independent Candidacy Campaign.
7) Founder and President of CEO Club Nepal.
8) Founder of Karnali Mart.
9) Founder of Nepal Television Academy.
10) Global President of the ‘Under 40 Global Leaders and Entrepreneurs Forum.’

Awards Won:

1) Asia Youth Icon Awards 2017 (India).
2) Pan Himalaya Media Association Leaders 2018 (China).
3) South Asia Youth Leadership Award 2019 (Bangladesh).
4) Karnali Icon 2019 (Karnali Province, Nepal).

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