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School of Media Management and Operation

School of Media Management and Operation, Nepal run by Nepal Media Academy-Kathmandu one of the finest institute of Nepal and region, providing short/long term courses for media management, media operation, media marketing,  media/content creation, media distribution… established by industry professionals, experts and academicians. Media Management and Operation is a business administration discipline that identifies and describes strategic and operational phenomena and problems in the leadership of media enterprises. It contains the functions strategic management, procurement management, production management, organizational management and marketing of media enterprises.

Media Management and Operation consists of (1) the ability to supervise and motivate employees and (2) the ability to operate facilities and resources in a cost-effective (profitable) manner.  The core task of media management and operation professionals is to build a bridge between the general theoretical disciplines of management and the specifics of media industry includes music, television, film, print or publishing, audiovisual, broadcasting and advertising. The course helps candidates to develop their skills to maximize return on their investment, to create new content and technology in the media field.

Main objective of the courses is to produce high quality media professionals and help media entrepreneurs as well as the industry. Also, to facilitate Individuals start a media business aiming to serve the society with creativity and commitment. After the course, student will be able to manage organizational administration and management, supervising teams of media professionals, issues of various mass communication channels and technologies, media marketing, branding and advertising, content and productions issues, and more….



There are wide variety of career opportunities available including television, radio, online/digital media, cable and internet networks, production companies, corporate audio/video department, government officials and cyber security offices etc.



Students must have completed intermediate OR equivalent in any faculty with required marks.


Placement Opportunity-

We assured 100% job placement for the diploma courses and 75% placement for certificate courses.


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