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Rental Service

Rental Service


Professional fully equipped studio in a decent location in Kathmandu for rent for still photography, videography, auditions, advertising, catalog & brochure, chroma shoots, product shoot, motivational speakers, interviews, talk show or anchoring and more…
Studio Height: 16 feet,
Studio Length: 23 feet,
Studio Width: 16 feet
Other Services-
1- Fully Equipped
2- HD Camera, Light and Drone
3- Editing, After Effects and Motion Graphics
4- 2D/3D and Animation
5- Voice Over and Sound Mixer
6- Virtual and Live Facility
7- Indoor and Outdoor Shoots
8- Complete Photo/Videography
9- Makeup/Changing Room
10- Attached Washroom
11- Rates- Rs. 2000/hr Only
Address: Media Academy Nepal
Opp. P K Campus, Yeti Plaza, Baghbazar-Kathmandu
Phone- 9815555788, 9851153788

Studio Design/Setup

Media Academy Nepal provides 360 degree media solution and production services inKathmandu, Nepal. We provide consulting, design, build, training and relocate service for television, radio and corporate studios. We are curious creatures, creative thinkers, technology lovers, a team of designers, developers and strategists with an obsession for delivering a quality user experience throughout work. Our team of broadcast engineers, solution architects, project managers & support engineers will design your studios based on your business goals for your studio, budget, space, timeline and other requirements.

There are many aspects to consider when planning a new studio or refreshing an existing one.  Finding the right balance of production value vs economic value. Choosing the right technology not just to achieve production goals but ensuring your technology choice can be used effectively by your production team.  There are many choices to be made: virtual vs hard set, studio set layout, and a myriad of choices from lenses to cameras to lighting to audio to switchers and graphics to output live for broadcast or streaming or file for further postproduction.  News, Sports, Entertainment and Corporate productions all have different requirements for format and production values. This all starts with planning and building the right studio with the right technology at the right budget. This is what Nepal Media Academy helps you to do.



We deal, video switchers, audio systems, video & audio mixers, monitoring, camera control, graphics, 2D, 3D, AR, output options like broadcast streaming, social media, input remote cameras, live feed management, remote camera feeds, media asset management.



Nepal Media Academy will work closely with you & provide training to ensure your team can operate the corporate studio as a pro.



Based on your requirements, our corporate studios can be used by various departments to shoot corporate video, product demonstrations, shoot live TV programs, conduct training, seminars, onboarding webinars or even to use it as a conference room.



The flexibility of the studio can save studio rent costs for your entire organization. On-Prime studio set up will save not only your turnaround time & also various expenses on execution & travel cost.



We will customise the studio facility & design based on your brand. You will have complete control to be creative & fit your organisations’ theme.















Promo/TVC Shoot

Media Academy Nepal is also a trusted name in TVC and Promo production with out-of-the-box concepts by incorporation of emotion and creativity. TVC/Promo ads creation has been the ultimate strength of top-notch creatives and professionals. We do/deal/design all types of TVCs and Promos with aiming massive hits, benefiting the brands and their audience.     


What is TVC?

Television Commercial or TV Commercial (TVC), is a form of marketing used to sell OR promote products, services, ideas via ads on Television (TV).  A television advertisement (also called a television commercial, commercial, advert, TV advert or simply an ad) is a span of television programming produced and paid for by an organization/company. It conveys a message promoting, and aiming to market, a product or service.


What is Promo?

A promo (a shorthand term for promotion) is a form of commercial advertising used in broadcast media, either television or radio, which promotes a program airing on a television or radio station/network to the viewing or listening audience. Promos usually appear during commercial breaks, although sometimes they appear during another program.





चौथो अंगमा दिलभुषण : टिभी पत्रकार अल्छी, सञ्चालक बोधो

पञ्चायतकालमा खुलेको नेपाल टेलिभिजनले गणतन्त्रसम्म आइपुग्दा पनि आफ्नो तौरतरिका बदलेको छैन। जो सत्ता र शक्तिमा थिए, उसैलाई समर्थन गर्ने मात्र काम गर्‍यो नेपाल टेलिभिजनले। सवाल-जवाफ गरेर सरकार र यसका अंगलाई जवाफदेही बनाउन सक्थ्यो, तर त्यो काम गरेन।


सरकारको कामको जानकारी दिने उसको दायित्व हो। सँगै, नागरिकलाई आलोचनात्मक तरिकाले सु-सूचित गर्ने जिम्मेवारी पनि हो। तर नेपाल टेलिभिजनले त्यसो गरेन। विस्तारै निजी क्षेत्रमा पनि टेलिभिजन खुल्न थाले। इमेज टिभीको सानो इकाइ थियो। कान्तिपुर पब्लिकेसनले पत्रिका निस्केको १० वर्षपछि कान्तिपुर टेलिभिजनको सुरुवात गर्‍यो। त्यतिबेला म कान्तिपुर दैनिकमा काम गर्थें। १० वर्ष भइसकेको थियो काम गर्न थालेको। द्वन्द्वकालमा रोल्पा, रुकुम, सल्यान र जाजरकोटमा बसेर रिपोर्टिङ गरें।  पत्रिकामा काम गर्दागर्दै टेलिभिजनमा काम गर्ने अफर आयो। अनि कान्तिपुर टेलिभिजनमा संस्थापक न्युज को-अर्डिनेटर भएर काम गरें। त्यो बेला टेलिभिजनको लेआउट, डिजाइनदेखि न्युज रिडिङसम्म कसरी गर्ने भनेर एक खालको ‘सेट अप’ बसाइयो। कान्तिपुर टेलिभिजनमा अहिलेसम्म पनि त्यही तरिका अपनाइएको छ।

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